Charles Burney

The Present State of Music in France and Italy (2nd, corrected edition)

London: T. Becket and Co., 1773


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time it is usually well supplied with per-
formers. In 1765 the opera of Antigono,
written by Metastasio, and composed by
Sarti, was performed here, in which the
principal singers were Mauzoli, and the
Bastuadella, the compass and flexibility
of whose voice has since rendered her
very celebrated. She is now in the ser-
vice of the duke of Parma. In 1771 Sig-
nor Guadagni performed in this theatre.

The short space of time I staid at Ve-
rona, was not sufficient for many musical
enquiries; but I was afterwards informed
by an English gentleman, who had re-
sided some years in that city, that it
contains, besides several able professors,
a great number of dilettanti, who both
perform and compose in a superior man-


There was neither opera nor comedy
at this place when I passed through it,
nor should I have mentioned this city in