Charles Burney

The Present State of Music in France and Italy (2nd, corrected edition)

London: T. Becket and Co., 1773


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The choir of this church is immense;
the bases are all placed on one side, the
violins, hautbois, french-horns, and
tenors on the others, and the voices half
in one organ-loft, and half in another;
but, on account of their distance from
each other, the performers were not
always exact in keeping time.

The day before my departure from
Padua, I visited Signor Tromba, Tar-
tini's scholar and successor. He was so
obliging as to play several of his master's
solos, particularly two which he had
made just before his death, of which I
begged a copy, regarding these last drops
of his pen as sacred relics of so great
and original a genius.


I had many enquiries to make, and
had very sanguine expectations from this
city, with regard to the music of past
times as well as at present. The church
of St. Marc has had a constant supply