Charles Burney

The Present State of Music in France and Italy (2nd, corrected edition)

London: T. Becket and Co., 1773


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" larly a duet, sung by Signora de Amici
" and Signor Caselli. At the same
" theatre we have at present il Saroe ri-
" conosciuto
, composed by Signor Borghi,
" which is generally disliked.

" The music, at the opera-house of S.
" Moisè pleases very much ; notwith-
" standing it is so ill executed, that the
" author, Signor Garzaniga, a Neapoli-
" tan, has great reason to be mortified,
" though crowned with general praise."


My chief business in this city was to see
and converse with the learned Padre
, and the celebrated Signor Fari-
, the former being regarded by all
Europe as the deepest theorist, and the
other as the greatest practical musician of
this, or perhaps of any age or country;
and, as I was so fortunate as to be well
received by both, I shall make no apo-
logy for being minute in my account of
two such extraordinary persons.