Charles Burney

The Present State of Music in France and Italy (2nd, corrected edition)

London: T. Becket and Co., 1773


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friends at Rome, who kindly promised
me their assistance in supplying them
during my absence; I set off for Na-
ples on Sunday evening, the fourteenth
of October.


I entered this city, impressed with the
highest ideas of the perfect state in which
I should find practical music. It was at
Naples only that I expected to have my
ears gratified with every musical luxury
and refinement which Italy could afford.
My visits to other places were in the way
of business, for the performance of a task
I had assigned myself; but I came hither
animated by the hope of pleasure. And
what lover of music could be in the place
which had produced the two Scarlattis,
Vinci, Leo, Pergolese, Porpora, Farinelli,
Jomelli, Piccini, Traetta, Sacchini, and
innumerable others of the first eminence
among composers and performers, both
vocal and instrumental, without the most