The Society for Eighteenth-Century Music
Ninth Biennial Conference: Global Intersections in the Music of the 18th Century
March 19–21, 2020, Stockholm, Sweden
In collaboration with the
Royal Swedish Academy of Music

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The Society for Eighteenth-Century Music will hold its ninth biennial conference Thursday, March 19 through Saturday, March 21, 2020, in Stockholm, Sweden, in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Music.

Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, is one of the most vibrant and culturally-rich cities of Europe. Situated between the freshwater lake Mälaren and the Swedish archipelago of the Baltic Sea, it has been a Scandinavian center since Medieval times. During the eighteenth century it was home to one of the most interesting and unique cultural establishments overseen by King Gustav III, and even today it is known for the venues of Drottningholm and Ulriksdal, theaters of which date from that period.

It provides a contemporaneous and present backdrop for international dialogue between scholars, as well as the perfect place to discuss the global intersections of that time.